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New bloggy blog

I got a new blog. Yay. Cooler than this one, but kinda more difficult- so it may look retarded and bare for a few days. I was going to repost all my old blogs onto my new one… but that would take WAYYYY too much time. So oh well, i just have to deal with all my stuff being in different […]...continue reading →


Today at work a 6 year old asked me if I was another kid’s grandma. GRANDMA??? Like a mom, ok that’s possible. I mean I know adults all look old to kids, but Grandma? Gotta love the kiddies sometimes… (or hate them). 🙂...continue reading →

Weiners Anyone??

Anyone feel like a BBQ?? Of course, we’ll need someone to supply the weiners! But I’ll bring the buns! HAHAHAHA...continue reading →

Conversation About Beer with my Aussie

Please pay special attention to the 5th statement made in this conversation. Andrew says: coronas are so expensive here Andrew says: and we dont have corona light Elsja says: 🙁 Elsja says: everything is expensive there it seems Andrew says: a case of corona – 24 beers is about $70 did you read that?? – $70 freaking dollars!! Elsja says: GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ […]...continue reading →

Who’s Your Baby’s Daddy??

I’m at home watching some quality daytime TV while on my lunch break. I thouroughly enjoy watching Maury Povich paternity test shows. These are the best things ever! This show I’m watching is especially entertaining. Women from previous paternity test shows are back to test NEW potential daddies because clearly, testing the first 5, 6, and even 9 men just wasn’t […]...continue reading →

Yay Mom!

This weekend has been SOOOO boring. I’ve been dogsitting since Friday night and so I’ve been kinda cooped up in a house most of the time. Yesterday my mom saved me from boredom by going to lunch and a movie (see post below). I was able to fill lots of time Friday by watching a marathon of “The Hills.” Now I’m […]...continue reading →

The Lake House

I went and saw “The Lake House” today. I really wasn’t too interested in seeing this, it looked weird and confusing- plus let’s face it, Keanu Reeves isn’t high on my list of favorite actors. Well, the other day, I heard really good reviews from Ebert and Roper or whatever.. (Jen always says their reviews are pretty right on). My mom […]...continue reading →

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