Oh My Dear Friends, it’s Been so Long

Dear Chris Wolstenholme, Matthew Bellamy and Domic Howard, Oh my dear friends, it has been far too long. Almost a year and a half to be exact. How could you leave me for so long? Did you forget all the wonderful shows we had together in 2004?? Well, I guess I must forgive you because I know you were just away […]...continue reading →


Dear Rebtel, I love you. Ok so yes, I blog excessively, but I just have so many things to say. And I guess people don’t actually HAVE to read this stuff, so I will just keep blogging all day to my hearts content. I just HAVE to write about the new greatest thing on earth! Andrew’s friend Bez found this cool […]...continue reading →

Aussie Socceroos

Well, it’s official. The US soccer team sucks and they are going home from the World Cup. Too bad we lost to Ghana. Ghana?? REALLY???? Oh well, at least Australia is moving on to the next round. Actually I don’t even really care about soccer, but since I actually watched part of the game, I figured I might as well blog […]...continue reading →

English Por Favor

Every time I go to the quiznos by my sister’s house (which is usually once a week when I work out here)… I get the SAME thing. Smoked turkey with cheese and mustard, COLD. 🙂 Now, I realize quiznos is known for it’s warm toasty subs. Well, good for them! But, I’ll still take mine cold please!! So anyways, every week, […]...continue reading →

How do kids have so much energy?

I babysat today. I love Preston and Emma, but I definitely don’t have the energy of a 3 or 6 year old! I had the luxury of spending 2 hours playing crazy 8s (uno), Zingo (kid bingo) and Dora the Explorer Candyland… oh lets not forget 20 minutes of roll the ball back and forth into each others legs (or chuck […]...continue reading →

My stupid temporary blog

Well… as much as I didn’t want to get a stupid free blogger.com lame blog… it is taking to long too get my actual REAL website up… so this will have to do. I just have so many things to say today and they just can’t wait for a real site, because by then, they will be irrelevant. 1st things 1st […]...continue reading →

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