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Help the the expats out

Did you know that the US is one of only two countries in the entire world that forces its expat citizens to continuously file taxes even though they no longer reside in the country? Did you know that if I have a child who becomes a citizen of the US, he or she will have to file taxes every year until […]...continue reading →

Costochon what?

Costochondritis. A mouthful of a word and a pain in the ass… or should I say chest? You see about 4 weeks ago, after some intese days of pilates I started to get a pain in my chest on the right side. I thought I had strained a muscle from all the ab work I was doing. So what did I […]...continue reading →

Is Tea Too Much to Ask For?

As I mentioned in a previous post, expat life is getting easier. I’m used to driving on the other side of the road. I’m used to the lingo and phrases used by all the locals. I’m even starting to become accustomed to paying $15-30 minimum for a decent meal at a restaurant. But some things still surprise me. Some things still […]...continue reading →

Sucked Back In

So we didn’t give up iiNet just yet. They called us back and sucked Andrew in with an offer of 2 free months and (another) new router. It really won’t solve our problems but at least we won’t be paying anything for the next two months. Good thing too because tonight when I came home our internet was out… again. So […]...continue reading →

Bye Bye iiNet

You were amazing at the start, but since October you have been nothing but a massive pain in our ass! After countless calls to tech support, (I’m guessing around 20 in the last 9 months), plus 4 visits from an iinet technician and 2 visits from a Telstra technician, not to mention 2 new routers and all the times we had […]...continue reading →

D Diet: Day 1

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve had some stomach issues for many years. I’ll spare you all the details but basically I have exhausted all options of medical tests, medicine and even have had the conversation of surgery with one of my docs. But since none of those things seemed to be the answer, I decided that perhaps it would be worthwhile […]...continue reading →

Shipping clothes to Australia

Shipping to Australia

And this, my friends, is why I will never in my life ship something from Old Navy (or any shop for that matter) to our place in Australia....continue reading →

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