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I wasn’t expecting that

Recently in one of the American Expat forums that I’m a member of, a friend posted a photo of a product that we all knew and loved back in the US but that hasn’t been available in Australia until just recently. The thread of comments from excited Americans was never ending! Then just days later, we had a new employee start […]...continue reading →

Now I’ve Seen it All

A musical based on the Jerry springer show. Coming to the Opera House. I can’t decide if this is repulsive, or if I actually might want to see it. I have no more words to describe my thoughts at the moment....continue reading →

Some People are so Unaware

So… my buzzer on my buidling buzzed and i just pushed the button without asking who it was. I do this by relfex because typically the only time it buzzes is when Andrew comes back from a bike ride. A minute later, no andrew (it wasn’t until about 10 minutes later that I realized andrew is not on a ride and […]...continue reading →

Halloween Down Under

Halloween is so different in Australia. Only a few select areas even have kids who trick or treat. Most of Andrew’s friends weren’t allowed to dress up for candy as kids, such a shame. NO ONE decorates- at least nowhere I’ve seen. I’d go as far as to say it doesn’t even exist here; however, last night I found out there […]...continue reading →

Notes on Spanish

Now that I am taking a Spanish class, I have started to notice a few things… 1. I accidentally said “si” instead of yes at a Mexican restaurant when the cashier asked me a question. It just came out! I’ll be conversing in NO time! 2. If I could take Spanish every day for an hour- like they do in high […]...continue reading →

Fuel Prices

For all of you in the states who think you are being ripped of paying $3.71/gallon for gas (which you are, but that’s not the point)- just think of us here in Australia every time you are at the pump. You see, if you were to buy a gallon of gas here in Sydney, you would be paying around $5.48 per […]...continue reading →

Vehicles, Vocab & Vermin

Driving:? Guess what I did yesterday? I drove for more than 5 minutes, on a freeway even! I drove out to Andrew’s dad’s house and I didn’t even crash or end up on the wrong side of the road. I don’t know what is hardest… ? Driving on the left side?? – Nah…I think I’m getting used to that? Remembering that […]...continue reading →

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