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Feathered and Furry Friends

So we had some more visitors. This time it was Lucy and Leo and they stopped by for a quick bite. They’re a little more shy than Percy and Petunia, so they didn’t stay long- but I did get a few quick pictures of them to share with you all. On a sadder note, my poor sweet puppy is not well. […]...continue reading →

Hello Friend

Andrew and I had a couple of visitors today. Their names are Percy and Petunia. They just stopped by this afternoon to say hello. Percy came first, and then Petunia showed up. They just wanted to grab a quick bite to eat and say hello before they took off. Let me introduce you all to our new friends: This was the […]...continue reading →

Lonely and Cruddy

It gets pretty lonely when Andrew is away. He’s gone on an overnight so I am left here to think about things that cause me to be lonely. Well, the first and primary reason is simply what I just stated, Andrew is gone… but there are several other things that make me a bit lonely and sad. *disclaimer- I’m not really […]...continue reading →

Happy Times, Sad Times

I’m mixing up the whole “love/ (don’t) love” blog with my new rendition… Happy Times, Sad Times Happy Times: Walking to Balmoral Beach from my apartment is a pretty happy time. I found out I can walk to the beach in a mere 15 minutes! That’s nothing. Even walking back (up a huge hill) wasn’t that bad and only added 5 […]...continue reading →

WHY is Australia SOOO Expensive

As many of you know, I have frequently discussed how most things in Australia are very expensive compared to here. For instance: 1. A case of corona…. $70!!! 2. An oil change….$80!!! And clearly concerts are no exception. Take a look at the comparison of a Muse concert here (which I am going to) and a Muse concert there (which I wanted to go […]...continue reading →


Here are a few fun, not so fun, scary and gross things that have happened over the last few days here in Australia. First the Fun: 1. Andrew took me on a date to Wagamamas… yum. Sorry Jen- had to talk about food, but at least you can appreciate Wagamamas!! 2. Continued the night on Friday with Andrew, Sinead, Paul (andrew’s roommate) and some of […]...continue reading →

Devil Birds… Part 2

My appologies to you Mr. Kookaburra bird. I know I was very mean in saying you sound like a devilish monkey. I mean, you do have a very interesting sound, but I must say-I appreciate that you only are loud for about 1 minute. I know you wake up every morning at 5:30 and say hello to the day with your […]...continue reading →

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