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The Ocha Teapot

Have I ever mentioned that this is a big tea drinking household? Andrew probably has 5 cups a day when he’s home, and while I may not drink it as often, I definitely have several cups a week. In fact, we love tea so much that we even have a whole cabinet in our kitchen  devoted to tea. See… So, when […]...continue reading →

Casino Rehearsal

About the author: Laura Jack is 27 years old living with her partner, Josh in a flat in Melbourne City Centre. She’s a part-time guest blogger and a full-time accountant for PWC. Laura enjoys a good night out in Melbourne with her girlfriends, but doesn’t mind a quiet night in with some Italian food and a nice glass of Malbec. If […]...continue reading →

Professor for a day – my guest lecture at the University of Sydney

Two weeks ago I had a full.on.week. Andrew and I traveled to Melbourne for a wedding on Friday, then Sunday I flew from Melbourne to Auckland where I conducted some training sessions for a few of our business partners on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I woke up at 1:50am Sydney time and headed to the airport where I flew back […]...continue reading →

Stationery, calendars, binders… love

People who know me well will know I’m a sucker for anything related to organising and planning. One of my favourite things about going back to school was the shopping. No, not just shopping for clothes, I also got excited to shop for school supplies. Pens, stationery, notebooks, binders, folders to put in the binders, calendars and more. Even remembering the […]...continue reading →

Love Series: Yoga Studio

Here’s a fun fact about me. In general, I hate exercise. Like REALLY hate it. I do it because I know I should but it usually makes me miserable even thinking about it. With that said, there is one form of exercise that I don’t mind. In fact, over the years I’ve grown quite fond of it. That little gem is yoga. Don’t […]...continue reading →

Skyfall & Beer

When I was little I had this fascination with spies… you know, like secret agent, James Bond type spies. I actually had a spy club at one point and we would make boobie traps so that we would know if anyone came near our meeting spots. There wasn’t really a point to this club other than to go around our neighborhood […]...continue reading →

Sucked Back In

So we didn’t give up iiNet just yet. They called us back and sucked Andrew in with an offer of 2 free months and (another) new router. It really won’t solve our problems but at least we won’t be paying anything for the next two months. Good thing too because tonight when I came home our internet was out… again. So […]...continue reading →

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