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Flash forward to today, July 20, 2013. After Bologna I stopped blogging on trains and therefore now have only my distant memories and photos to go off of when trying to think of all the wonderful things to write about. So what do I remember of Florence? First off, when people ask what the best part of our holiday was, we […]...continue reading →


June 16, 2013 I just can’t look at the word Bologna without singing “Oscar Meyer has a way with B. O. L. O. G. N. A.”  I do think this Bologna is a little nicer than the pasty looking lunch meat though. I was so excited to come here knowing it was the foodie capital of Italy- but did it live […]...continue reading →


June 16, 2013 From the moment I started wandering the streets of Venice, I was in love. It has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world because it is just so unique. All the buildings are different and so old, the canals are bustling with gondolas and water taxis, yet it is peaceful at the same time, […]...continue reading →

Cinque Terre

June 15, 2013 Two cities down, eight to go. We just spent the last two and a half days in Levanto which is a town just next to Cinque Terre on the west coast of Italy. Levanto is a quaint little town and I got the impression that everyone knows everyone as people would say hi to each other and start chatting in the […]...continue reading →

Switzerland… lakes, friends and delicious mac & cheese

June 12, 2013 Our European adventure has begun and one good thing about long train rides is that it gives me time to document my trip as we go. At the moment, we are on our way from Switzerland down to Italy. When we were deciding where we should visit on our four week holiday we considered Switzerland knowing it would […]...continue reading →

15 Things- # 7

Number seven on my list of 15 things that make me happy is travel. Travelling makes me very, very happy. I know this is a pretty broad topic but over the next few weeks I will be detailing all the very specific events of our most recent vacation which highlights all the little things about travelling that makes me oh so […]...continue reading →

Love Series: Yelp

Given that it’s Valentines week and all and I’m luckily not one of those people that hates the mushy red and pink day (anymore) I decided to write a series this week all about love. This won’t be a blog series about love for my husband… while I could write pages about that I’m not sure everyone would love reading all […]...continue reading →

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