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Bringing Sexy Back… YEEEP

Who’s bringing sexy back?? Oh… that’s right… HE IS!!!!!  Who’s going to see Justin Timberlake at the House of Blues???? Oh… that’s right… WE ARE!!!! Well… we hope. Tickets go on sale at 10:00am tomorrow… I’m counting on my sister, Nicole and Jen to get tix! Then we’ll be bringing sexy back allllll night long! Who would have thunk that I would […]...continue reading →

Muuuuuse <3

    Well I though I would make this short and sweet. But… it’s not so short and sweet after all! We saw Muse last night at the Greek and they were WONDERFUL- such good performers. I had Just a few concerns though. First of all, I hope the yappy yacky biznatch standing next to me who wouldnt SHUT UP wakes up with […]...continue reading →


I was standing in line at Cost Plus World Market today when I glanced over to a shelf and saw the most wonderful thing. It was like an angelic light shining down from Heaven onto the shelf of beautiful brownness…  And this, this glorious glorious thing is what I saw: The crunchy crispity goodness melts in your mouth and leaves a warm happy […]...continue reading →

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