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I Love Neil Diamond

Maybe it is just because?they are what I listened to when I was a kid (or what I was exposed to via parents)… but something about Neil Diamond songs makes me happy and it makes me even happier to watch the American Idol top 5 them. Ok maybe not, but I am glad they aren’t singing any more Mariah Carey! A […]...continue reading →

Ciao Carly!

I’m glad it was one of the girls who went home tonight… but WHY THE HELL wasn’t it Brooke? I don’t understand how that girl is still in the top 5. She always seems to choke. Probably just has a lot of friends who call 34095834 times. Carly was so much better than Brooke in my opinion. Sure Brook plays piano […]...continue reading →

Your One and Only Beaver

These are the kind of commercials we have here in Australia… I see it a few times/week. Do you think this would ever make it in the US? I highly doubt it....continue reading →


I love American Idol this season. It’s the only season I’ve ever fully watched. Is anyone else really sad that the Aussie got voted off? Awww poor Aussie boy. I’m watching the results show now (because I missed it the first time). I don’t think I can watch when he gets cut, it may just bring me to tears, or not. […]...continue reading →

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Weekly Thoughts

This blog has?no point other than to?mention some things I’ve thought about?or experienced in the?last week or so. 1. I pretty much like any dough/batter better than the actual baked end-result. But usually the end result is quite delish as well. Just check out my latest lemon glazed flower cupcakes that I made the other day (from scratch). They tasted as […]...continue reading →


Things I’ve learned about TV in Australia… and other topics of interest. 1. Cable didn’t even arrive in Australia until 1995. Yes… 1995! Andrew said that in high school people used to go to the US and come back and tell tales of how there were 80 channels. No one could believe it or understand it. Weird. I guess Australia just […]...continue reading →

I’m Confused

Huh??? I don’t get it. But you know what we?DOOOO get?? CABLE Finally got some?cable today after not having any for a month. Too bad it doesn’t work on my stupid USA?TV. Dang Americans make their products nearly impossible to use anywhere else in the world. I was smart enough to buy a voltage transformer, but not a cable adaptor. I’m […]...continue reading →

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