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Sangria Saturday

I’ve had my Sangria recipe book for probably over a year and yet I still had never used it. I just didn’t have a pitcher to put it in and of course you need the perfect pitcher to make Sangria! I suppose one also needs reason to make it as well. Well, thankfully Shannon got me my fabulous Sangria pitcher for […]...continue reading →

Easy Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup

I don’t think I’ve ever shared my  favourite personally created recipe with you all. It’s not too hard to call it my favourite because I’ve really only ever created about 3 things on my own- so there’s not much competition. Regardless, this one definitely is on top. And since I shared it with a few people on a forum *AND* they […]...continue reading →


Yum. I love me some chili. So I make it pretty often here in Australia. Not the most Aussie of delicacies- but I don’t carrrre. I make it for myself and myself alone. (I’d make it for andrew too but he refuses to eat ground turkey so one day when I decide to eat meat, I’ll make him a beefy version). […]...continue reading →

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