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Love Series: Yelp

Given that it’s Valentines week and all and I’m luckily not one of those people that hates the mushy red and pink day (anymore) I decided to write a series this week all about love. This won’t be a blog series about love for my husband… while I could write pages about that I’m not sure everyone would love reading all […]...continue reading →

Tefal Soup & Co.

A few weeks ago I entered a competition on the Harris Farm Facebook page to win a Tefal Soup & Co. soup maker. This Soup & Co. is basically a blender with a heat setting so you just toss in your ingredients, push a button and 30 minutes later you’ve got yourself some soup. Low and behold, it just so happened that […]...continue reading →

Can’t Live Without Lush

I’ve always been a sucker for beauty products that smell like something I’d like to devour. Rose and musky scents never floated my boat, but give me marmalade moisturiser or cotton candy lip gloss any day and I’m a happy gal. So when I recently stumbled upon a little ditty called Porridge soap from Lush, I was in love. A bit […]...continue reading →

My iPhone Makes me Happy

It was a very happy happy day last week when my wonderful new iPhone came in the mail. I didn’t waste any time getting it all set up and I just can’t tell you how gitty this little piece of technology has made me. So far I definitely have some favourite apps. These include: Trip Planner – this little gem gives […]...continue reading →

A Few of My Favorite Things

My best friends and I have a series of emails that we like to send around from time to time called “Things I Can’t Live Without.” When one of us finds something really awesome, we send around emails detailing our fabulous finds. Sometimes they include make-up products, sometimes we send our favorite food items, etc. In the spirit of Christmas, I […]...continue reading →


This is me:     Well… except for the thumb sucking part. But you see, this weekend I bought myself a blanket. 🙂 Not just any blanket, a very very special blanket. Around Christmas I was at Nicole’s and I was cold and Adrian let me borrow his wonderful NAP blanket. It was very nice and it gave me an idea. […]...continue reading →

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