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Blast to my Past

Friday night Andrew and I did something I haven’t done in a REALLY long time. We went and saw a local band play at a small little local band-type venue.  All of the shows I’ve been to in the last few years have primarily been big name, big cost events so it felt like I was walking back in time a […]...continue reading →


Itunes FINALLY created a “wishlist” feature. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. For YEARS I’ve been saying they needed this option. I couldn’t even begin to count the the number of times I’ve been browsing and have come across a song or album I might want to buy- just not right at that moment- and I just wish […]...continue reading →

Random Thoughts

After seeing the preview for “My Sister’s Keeper,” I decided to read the book, so I bought it and could barely put it down. I finished it in a few days and then waited patiently for the movie to come out. I went and saw the movie with my mom and sister and it sucked. Well, I shouldn’t say it sucked- […]...continue reading →


I had a whole Idol review typed out last night. Hit post and then went on my merry way. Well this morning it has disappeared. Damnit! All that work for nothing. SO here’s my revised SHORT review. David Cook: Song 1 was fine, song 2 was good. He’s still the leader I think. Syesha: She has really stepped up! So much […]...continue reading →

I Love Neil Diamond

Maybe it is just because?they are what I listened to when I was a kid (or what I was exposed to via parents)… but something about Neil Diamond songs makes me happy and it makes me even happier to watch the American Idol top 5 them. Ok maybe not, but I am glad they aren’t singing any more Mariah Carey! A […]...continue reading →


I love American Idol this season. It’s the only season I’ve ever fully watched. Is anyone else really sad that the Aussie got voted off? Awww poor Aussie boy. I’m watching the results show now (because I missed it the first time). I don’t think I can watch when he gets cut, it may just bring me to tears, or not. […]...continue reading →

My “Expert” Concert Review

Since I like music but am by no means any sort of expert, I’ll write this review with one disclaimer: this is my OPINION Last night, Andrew, Kate, Muzza and I all went to the Linkin Park concert. I know some of you are already thinking to yourselves… “WHY?” Well, in addition to being a hot pilot, Andrew also works for […]...continue reading →

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