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Wedding Nightmares

Am I the only bride-to-be that has recurring nightmares about our wedding? If there is anything that could ever go wrong with a wedding, I’ve dreamt about it. Here is a list of just some of the nightmares I’ve had (at least all the ones I can remember). My hair and makeup is not done when it’s time to walk down […]...continue reading →

Wedding Mania

When we first got engaged, I was the crazy obsessed bride. I assume this happens to most girls in the month following the proposal… at least that’s what I hear. I read blogs, checked out The Knot?50 times a day, researched photographers non-stop, called vendors and visited wedding forums. Then once I had planned a few things everything totally died down. […]...continue reading →

Registry Events

Andrew and I most likely will not be registering for gifts for the wedding. You see we have this challenge… if we register in the US, we have to find a way to get all the gifts back to Australia. If we register in Australia, no one in the US will be able to order the gifts online because ONLINE SHOPPING […]...continue reading →

Wedding Update

Ok so I try not to make this blog all about wedding stuff. People would probably just get really bored reading about that all the time;?however, by attempting to avoid the wedding talk, all I’m doing is avoiding blogging all together- and that’s no fun! So screw it… I’m going to update everyone on our wedding plans! Here’s what we’ve (i.e. […]...continue reading →

A Few Updates

My life has suddenly become so exciting, and yet so boring at the same time. Exciting because I have all this wedding stuff swimming around in my brain and it’s exciting to plan and organize and browse websites looking for ideas. It’s boring, because other than that- I fee like I have hardly anything else to discuss!! So… I’ll just give […]...continue reading →

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