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Africa Week- Soggy Safari

While in Africa, Andrew and I spent two days on our own up in Namibia near Etosha National Park. Our lodge that we stayed at was BEAUTIFUL. The bathroom was amazing and there was even an outdoor shower on the deck that overlooked the Ongava game park. We were so excited for our safari adventure, we could not wait to see […]...continue reading →


So remember a few posts ago when I had this whole dilemma… “is it spring? Is it summer?I just don’t know because it was coolish and now it’s hot… blah blah blah.” Yeah I was wrong. Evidently, it is neither spring nor summer. Winter has returned. 5 straight days of rain and it’s 50 degrees tonight (10c). With the wind and […]...continue reading →

Spring… Summer…What’s the Deal?

I wish the weather would make up its mind. Should I pack away the sweaters or not? Should I put  the heater back up in the closet I just don’t know. Saturday at the races it was COLD! Sunny, but super chilly with the wind. Sunday was colder. REALLY cold in fact. We went to dinner and I ended up with […]...continue reading →

A Few Updates

My life has suddenly become so exciting, and yet so boring at the same time. Exciting because I have all this wedding stuff swimming around in my brain and it’s exciting to plan and organize and browse websites looking for ideas. It’s boring, because other than that- I fee like I have hardly anything else to discuss!! So… I’ll just give […]...continue reading →

Random Thoughts

After seeing the preview for “My Sister’s Keeper,” I decided to read the book, so I bought it and could barely put it down. I finished it in a few days and then waited patiently for the movie to come out. I went and saw the movie with my mom and sister and it sucked. Well, I shouldn’t say it sucked- […]...continue reading →

Something New to Fear

I’ve never feared rain… well, other than the times when I just straighten my hair and I don’t want it to turn into a giant fro ball! No, the rain has never REALLY bothered me. Thunder storms were pretty cool too. Not anymore. I was working in my bedroom this evening with the curtains open. It started raining around 3:45pm as […]...continue reading →

Goodbye Summer

  It’s official… well, technically it’s been official since the beginning of March- but today it really felt like the start of Autumn. Actually, it felt like winter but whatever. The rain was pouring down, the wind was blowing and we cooked a great big pot of homemade vegetable soup for dinner. Yum. Usually when Autumn starts I have many things […]...continue reading →

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