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More Shark Diving

Excuse the potty mouth. It was a bit scary. 馃檪...continue reading →

Now What?

I’m really sad Africa week is over. It means that now I have to actually find other things to blog about. Africa gave me so much to write about and I had so many pictures to share as well. Such a shame that it is all over now. I could find more to write about- but I think all the main […]...continue reading →

Africa Week- Sand Dunes, Part 3

You probably thought I was done blogging about sand dunes and climbing and all that. I’m not. I’ve got ONE more day to talk about. One more sandy, hilly day to write about, then I’m done. Done writing about mountains and hills and sand dunes and pain. But that also means I’ll be done writing about some of the greatest fun […]...continue reading →

Africa Week- Sand Dunes, Part 2

Is it just me or is Africa Week lasting much longer than 1 week? The morning after a day of climbing the dunes in Sossusvlei, we got on the road early to head to Swakopmund. We had to be there by 1:00 or so in order to make our appointment for quad biking and sandboarding. The drive was probably my favorite […]...continue reading →

Africa Week- Sand Dunes, Part 1

Did I mention that I hate hills? Oh yes, I did in THESE POSTS last week. Well, as if I hadn’t had enough climbing for one trip, Namibia brought us a whole new level of hills… Sand dunes. Let me point out that sand dunes are NOT easy to walk up. For every step you take, you slide back half of […]...continue reading →

Africa Week- Life and Death of a Kudu

Here is a sweet little kudu drinking from the watering hole by our lodge. She’s just living her life, going about her day. She’s probably cautious of her surroundings to ensure that a lion won’t jump out of the bushes and attack her. Sweet, innocent little kudu. Here is another kudu, more specifically- 聽his leg, dead and braised and slathered in […]...continue reading →

Africa Week- Soggy Safari

While in Africa, Andrew and I spent two days on our own up in Namibia near Etosha National Park. Our lodge that we stayed at was BEAUTIFUL. The bathroom was amazing and there was even an outdoor shower on the deck that overlooked the Ongava game park. We were so excited for our safari adventure, we could not wait to see […]...continue reading →

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