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More Shark Diving

Excuse the potty mouth. It was a bit scary. 馃檪...continue reading →

Africa Week- Life and Death of a Kudu

Here is a sweet little kudu drinking from the watering hole by our lodge. She’s just living her life, going about her day. She’s probably cautious of her surroundings to ensure that a lion won’t jump out of the bushes and attack her. Sweet, innocent little kudu. Here is another kudu, more specifically- 聽his leg, dead and braised and slathered in […]...continue reading →

Africa Week- Soggy Safari

While in Africa, Andrew and I spent two days on our own up in Namibia near Etosha National Park. Our lodge that we stayed at was BEAUTIFUL. The bathroom was amazing and there was even an outdoor shower on the deck that overlooked the Ongava game park. We were so excited for our safari adventure, we could not wait to see […]...continue reading →

Join the Club

We’ve started up this awesome new club… a social club. It takes place on our balcony all day every day and you must be a bird to join. Here are the membership rules and benefits: 1. Fly over whenever you feel like it and enjoy free grapes 2. Sit around squacking and making copious amounts of noise for hours on end […]...continue reading →

Wine Snobs?

You’ve all heard the term “wine snobs” before right? You know… the people who are SUPER picky about their wine and will only drink from a particular year, brand or region? Well I am definitely NOT a wine snob. I like most any type of wine and of course have my favorites as well as a few that I’ll stay away […]...continue reading →

Swine Flu

I’d like to share with you my feelings on infected ham snot. I am not afraid of the swine flu. It’s the flu. I haven’t gotten any sort of flu in over 6 years and I don’t plan on getting this pig disease either. Yet another reason I don’t care to eat swine. Seriously though, why do people freak out so […]...continue reading →

Sleepwalking Dogs

I FINALLY upgraded to the newest version of wordpress and that means I can FINALLY upload videos again. YAY. Thanks so much to my techy savior Emanuel for helping me get my blog back into the 21st century. So in honor of my ability to post videos again after oh so long, I thought I’d post this one that I found […]...continue reading →

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