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Is Tea Too Much to Ask For?

As I mentioned in a previous post, expat life is getting easier. I’m used to driving on the other side of the road. I’m used to the lingo and phrases used by all the locals. I’m even starting to become accustomed to paying $15-30 minimum for a decent meal at a restaurant. But some things still surprise me. Some things still […]...continue reading →

Finally settling in as an expat

You would think that after nearly 5 years of living in a new country one would have grown completely accustomed to the ways of life in that (not so new anymore) place. In many ways I have, in others I feel I still have so far to go. When I first moved here, I just couldn’t allow myself to settle in. […]...continue reading →

What have I been up to?

So what exactly have I been doing since I last posted in April of 2011? Let’s catch up shall we? Although I really liked my job at the social media marketing agency, I was spending a lot of time working on web development projects and I knew that’s not where I wanted my career to take me. An opportunity came knocking […]...continue reading →

It’s Official

Yesterday I received some exciting things in the mail. I suppose they technically came last week… but Andrew had to get to the post office to pick them up for me since I can no longer do those types of things now that I’m a working girl. So what did I get in the mail you ask I got two very […]...continue reading →

Australia Post Sucks- part 2

If you don’t already know my hatred for the slumbag contractors that work for the Australian Post… read here. Here is my update to that post. Andrew and I are not the type of people that sit back and complain about the Post time and time again without acting on our anger. We like to call and complain and we do […]...continue reading →

Girl in the Pink Boat

On Saturday a record was broken. While the powers that be might not “officially” recognize this record, I think the rest of the world definitely does! Jessica Watson sailed her way into history, and into Sydney Harbour after 7 months alone at sea voyaging around the world. If you don’t know about her already, take a moment to check out her […]...continue reading →

A Perfect Day

The sun was nice enough to peep out from behind the clouds for just one day this week.  Of all the days for the sun to make an appearance, Tuesday the 26th was the most optimal day. Why  Because Tuesday was Australia Day… the Aussie equivalent of the 4th of July. Our day consisted of the typical Australian traditions- a BBQ […]...continue reading →

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