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Why are my feet so tasty?

Seriously… Why must my feet and legs taste so delicious. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been attacked by mosquitoes (Aussie translation: mozzies) on my feet. What is it that attracts them to that one particular area of my body? Sure I’ll get one on my arm or back from time to time, but 90% of the bites […]...continue reading →

The Great Outdoors

So my internet took a dump this week. Australia has these awful download limits on their internet plans. Well, we (I) reached ours by downloading a few too many episodes of grey’s anatomy and gossip girl, so our internet was useless for awhile. Today starts the new month and it’s back to being remotely quick. I feel like I’ve been freed […]...continue reading →

Where do Babies Come from?

No not those babies… A different baby species all together.  Let me tell you a little story about nature… get your barf bags ready. Today I learned where maggots come from. Ok ok I already knew… they come from flies. Easy enough. People always get disgusted when flies land on food and stuff and while yes, it does gross me out… […]...continue reading →

I Won The Battle

But I’m still not sure if I’ve won the ongoing war. War on what you ask? BUGS! Stupid shitty bugs that like to attack my poor innocent plants. My Cilantro (Coriander) plant was my only plant left that was free from bugs. After Hawaii, I got it back from the plant-sitter (aka Veronica) and it was perfect. I was so happy […]...continue reading →

I’ve been Invaded

Well, my basil plants have, that is. Invaded by bugs. UGH. The guy at the shop told me to buy mint and plant next to the basil and that would keep the bugs away. Well, it seemed to work for about 3 weeks. Now today I go out there to see that my basil plants (that were thriving and growing rapidly) […]...continue reading →

Vehicles, Vocab & Vermin

Driving:? Guess what I did yesterday? I drove for more than 5 minutes, on a freeway even! I drove out to Andrew’s dad’s house and I didn’t even crash or end up on the wrong side of the road. I don’t know what is hardest… ? Driving on the left side?? – Nah…I think I’m getting used to that? Remembering that […]...continue reading →

Creepy Crawly

I admit it… I kill bugs. When there’s a spider in my shower- I rinse it down the drain and I always feel guilty after- but I don’t want it in my shower! I told Shannon last week that I’m a bug racist because I kill spiders and ugly things, but I spared the life of a ladybug last week when it was […]...continue reading →

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