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Weekly Thoughts

This blog has?no point other than to?mention some things I’ve thought about?or experienced in the?last week or so. 1. I pretty much like any dough/batter better than the actual baked end-result. But usually the end result is quite delish as well. Just check out my latest lemon glazed flower cupcakes that I made the other day (from scratch). They tasted as […]...continue reading →

A New Obsession??

I think it’s true… I have a new obsession. Cooking. I’ve always been obsessed with food- that was just obvious. But lately I’ve found myself actually preferring to eat in rather than go out! That’s a first for me!  I’ve always liked cooking but I didn’t do it too often- but this last week I’ve gone a little crazy. It’s like […]...continue reading →

Baking Madness

Andrew and I thoroughly enjoyed the pumpkin muffins I made- as you can see here (I know we don’t look like we are enjoying them… but those are just grumpy faces because we were eating the last 2 muffins in the house): We really planned on giving them away to people. But we gave away 6 and ate the rest (there […]...continue reading →

Happy Times, Sad Times

I’m mixing up the whole “love/ (don’t) love” blog with my new rendition… Happy Times, Sad Times Happy Times: Walking to Balmoral Beach from my apartment is a pretty happy time. I found out I can walk to the beach in a mere 15 minutes! That’s nothing. Even walking back (up a huge hill) wasn’t that bad and only added 5 […]...continue reading →

What’s Happening to Me?

A list of some of the things I’ve done this week in my new life as a real adult: 1. Vacuumed. Nothing so special here- except the fact that I hardly ever cared about vacuuming before- and this week (or in the last 1 1/2 weeks) I did it twice AND had Andrew do it a 3rd time before our guests […]...continue reading →

I Love the Internet

Maybe I’m just slow- but I just discovered igoogle. This is the best thing ever!!! I’ve always kinda wished there was something like this and now there is- in fact, there probably has been for a long time, but I just didn’t pay any attention. Needless to say, I stumbled upon igoogle today and I’m hooked. For those of you who […]...continue reading →

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