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Tea Cozies

My mom is trying to sell some of her super cute Tea Cozies and bread warmers/hot pads so I thought I’d help her out by posting this as many places as I can. Tea cozies are nifty little “sweaters” that you use to keep your pots of tea warm and toasty. She just made me my first tea cozy ever last […]...continue reading →


Good Things

Some good things to write about this week: 1. Jen’s Beautiful Shower. Some friends and I threw together this shower in a little over a month. Planning things from another country isn’t easy, but we managed to work together- even from a distance and it all came together perfectly. When you’re 17 you go to house parties with kegs and beer […]...continue reading →

What’s Happening to Me?

A list of some of the things I’ve done this week in my new life as a real adult: 1. Vacuumed. Nothing so special here- except the fact that I hardly ever cared about vacuuming before- and this week (or in the last 1 1/2 weeks) I did it twice AND had Andrew do it a 3rd time before our guests […]...continue reading →

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