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Love Series: Coconut Lentil Soup… or Curry

What’s one of the things I LOVE most in life? Cooking wonderful food for people I care about. It’s even more exciting when I find a yummy new recipe that I can fall in love with. A few weeks ago I found this blog post on Pinterest for a coconut lentil soup and I knew I just had to try it. The first […]...continue reading →

It isn’t really the end…

I’ve decided to make a bold statement. I’ve decided my D Diet is complete. I know I said there was no official end to it (I still believe that) and while I didn’t get around to testing every.single.food.item.individually,  I have eliminated and re-introduced all of the main food groups that I wanted to test and I feel like I got most of […]...continue reading →

Sweet Potato Quinoa Chilli

Quinoa chilli. Yes, I admit, it doesn’t sound  all that appetising when you consider it’s vegan and gluten free… but the picture on Pinterest sucked me in and now I’m sold! One of my favourite things to make (and then freeze for later) is Chilli. It’s one of the staple go-to meals that I can always enjoy and it’s always nice to […]...continue reading →

Lemongrass & Coconut Chicken Dumplings w/ Sweet Chili Soy Sauce

So far on D Diet meat has been completely banned. Until Tuesday night I had only eaten it twice in the last 45 days (both occasions being my days off). I always planned to introduce chicken back into my diet though so I figured this week was as good as any. I was in the mood for something with Asian flare […]...continue reading →

Quinoa Pizza Bites

Last night I was on a hunt for another Pinterest recipe I could try. I was torn between two but obviously decided to go with the one that had “pizza” in the title.  I found a recipe for some quinoa pizza balls and while they looked good, I wanted to adapt the recipe a little to fit my particular tastes and […]...continue reading →

Sweet Potato Falafels

I’d like to start this blog off by simply saying… OMG! Today I decided to browse my Pinterest boards to see if there were any recipes that I could make containing ingredients I can actually eat. Low and behold, I found one! It required a bit of effort but it was so worth it.  These things were so freaking delicious that I made them […]...continue reading →

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