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High Class and Low Class Bars

Saturday night Andrew, Kris, Tess and I enjoyed a few hours in a cool wine bar near our house- Firefly. I had been wanting to go there for dinner for awhile and we finally made it! So here is a quick little review in case any of you are interested: The wine was good (also pretty expensive… but I guess it […]...continue reading →

A Grown up Kind of Fun

So at what point in our lives do we officially become adults? More specifically, when is it that we start having adult parties? I remember high school parties… some one’s parents were out of town and word would spread about the party through phone calls and pager messages. We’d all show up, cram into the backyard and stand around on wet […]...continue reading →

Sangria Saturday

I’ve had my Sangria recipe book for probably over a year and yet I still had never used it. I just didn’t have a pitcher to put it in and of course you need the perfect pitcher to make Sangria! I suppose one also needs reason to make it as well. Well, thankfully Shannon got me my fabulous Sangria pitcher for […]...continue reading →

7 Wonders of My World- this week

While some of these are obvious facts of life, they never cease to amaze me. Here’s a list of 7 wonders of my world from the last week. 1. Flowers. How does something so beautiful and fragrant turn into something that smells like a dead rotting carcass after only a week. I had some flowers in a vase and they weren’t […]...continue reading →


Did I mention how much fun I am having with Andrew here in CA with me? Did I mention how happy I am? Oh… no, I didn’t. That’s because I’ve been too busy and having too much fun to blog this week.? But I’m taking a moment from my day to fill you all in on some happy times and important […]...continue reading →

Goon of Fortune

How to play Goon of Fortune 1. Hang “goon” (a.k.a. cask bag of wine taken out of the box) with pegs (a.k.a. clothespins) from a Hills Hoist (a.k.a. washing line) 2. Spin the Hills Hoist 3. If it lands on you… you drink Simple. What?? Isn’t that how everyone spends their Monday mornings at 1:30am??...continue reading →


Here are a few fun, not so fun, scary and gross things that have happened over the last few days here in Australia. First the Fun: 1. Andrew took me on a date to Wagamamas… yum. Sorry Jen- had to talk about food, but at least you can appreciate Wagamamas!! 2. Continued the night on Friday with Andrew, Sinead, Paul (andrew’s roommate) and some of […]...continue reading →

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