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No Cartoons Please!

One day we will probably have children and when we do, please oh please do not buy our child gobbs of clothing with annoying cartoon characters all over them. Seriously- I don’t understandwhy people think this stuff is cute! While attempting to find a birthday present for Andrew’s cousin’s 2 year old, I was faced with the challenging task of finding […]...continue reading →

Beijing Olympics

So I watched the opening… I missed all the fancy stuff at the beginning and sat down just in time to see the parade of countries. When I started watching they were on Maldives, Malta, etc. So I think… ok we’re on M, must have missed Australia and it will be awhile until the US shows up. Unless of course they […]...continue reading →


Um… is it just me or do all the clothes in the shops right now resemble things we wore in our early years of high school (that’s 94-95 in case you were wondering). Am I the only one who thinks everything out right now is hideous and repulsive? What is up with all these heinous patterns and horrible cuts? I am […]...continue reading →

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Boots and Books

Ok so I found boots! FINALLY. I went to dinner with some friends the other night in the city, and since I was 30 minutes early I decided to wander around and look for shoes. I had nearly given up with 10 minutes to spare when I found a pair of decent looking black boots. Now, they were a tad too […]...continue reading →

I’m Horrible at Shopping

I already hated shopping for clothes enough as it was in the US… I’m just really bad at making decisions, bad at spending money, bad at dealing with the crowds. Well it’s even worse now. I don’t know where to shop, I don’t know the good stores vs. shitty stores. I try to find boots that I like (I’ve never owned […]...continue reading →

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