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Relationship Advice from Strangers- Part III

Back from a hiatus to provide you more relationship advice from complete strangers. 16. Do things together. Be US, not you and I. 17. Do not “sext” other guys 18. Do not send inappropriate pictures to exes 19. Your Facebook account should be available for him to see at any time. 20. Workout together… hormones/physical activities lead to other activities 21. […]...continue reading →

Relationship Advice from Strangers – Part II

This little batch of advice all came from one guy who sat by the pool writing in my notebook for about 2 hours. 1. Don’t cheat unless you know you won’t get caught 2. Sometimes your man wants to sit in silence… let that happen 3. Randomly dirty dance with your man 4. Always make your guy feel number one. If […]...continue reading →

Relationship Advice from Strangers – Part I

Just in time for Valentines Day, I’ve got some love tips for you all!! A while back I think I mentioned how my friends were so kind as to collect a book of advice on love and marriage during my bachelorette party weekend. Who better to give the advice than random strangers right? I’ve always thought it would be great to […]...continue reading →

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