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WiiFit Revitalized

I slacked off a bit on my WiiFit action when my parents were here and I haven’t REALLY gotten back into it. Sure I’ve done my 10 minutes of hula hoop here and there, but my 30 minute per day workouts became a thing of the past. Until today. I realized that my WiiFit can be so much more fun when […]...continue reading →

Making the World a Better Place

I’m going to start doing something nice for the world. I am going to start volunteering! By volunteering, I really just mean doing some work at a yoga studio a few times a week in exchange for free yoga classes. So I guess it’s not REALLY volunteering per se but hey, I’m not getting paid. To me- that’s volunteering. I may […]...continue reading →


So I was right… my balance… BAD. My center of gravity is totally skewed well to the right, surprise surprise. Guess that happens when you stop using your left foot.?So while my overall balance isn’t great anyways (I’ve always known this), I’m actually not TOO bad when I try to balance on my right foot. I’m pretty good at the yoga […]...continue reading →

Back to the Grind

I’ve been cleared to go to the gym! Yay… I think. Should I be excited to get back to doing something that I hate? Really… I hate the gym! I go because I know I should and I do feel better after I go, but I never actually enjoy it. Well, with a broken foot- I’ve pretty much been completely incapable […]...continue reading →

Withering Away

Want a surefire way to get skinnier legs? DON’T USE THEM! My left leg is withering away to nothing. While usually one would think it was great to have their legs shrink and become skinny- it’s not so great when the other leg is still the same size. My calf muscle looks concaved and droopy. My lower thigh looks quite good- […]...continue reading →

Up and Down… Happy and Sad…

First I decorated our tree… our HALF tree that we accidentally bought. Yes, it is half of a tree. It is pushed up right next to the window. We were really angry at first that we spent a lot of money on half of a tree, but then we realized it fits much better in the apartment anyways, so it was […]...continue reading →

The Great Outdoors

So my internet took a dump this week. Australia has these awful download limits on their internet plans. Well, we (I) reached ours by downloading a few too many episodes of grey’s anatomy and gossip girl, so our internet was useless for awhile. Today starts the new month and it’s back to being remotely quick. I feel like I’ve been freed […]...continue reading →

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