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I’m So Happy

Reasons to be happy… 1. FINALLY (after nearly a year) we found a patio table for our balcony. I thought we’d have to settle on something crap, but it’s not even ugly! We can now enjoy dinners by candlelight in the warm Sydney summer. All I need are some twinkle lights and I’ll be totally set. Although, I do think those […]...continue reading →


Did I mention that I’m SO happy the writer’s strike ended awhile ago and that shows are?finally back on. I’ve already watched 2 new Grey’s Anatomy and some new Gossip Girl (oh yeah, did I mention that’s my new secret love). I still have 1 or 2 LOST episodes to catch up on, so I’ll watch those on Wednesday when Andrew […]...continue reading →

Woah 2 Blogs in 1 Day

I just had to come write about my experience at the gym today… and the effects of that gym visit. I decided to do a class called “Body Pump” after my 25 minute cardio session. I’m trying out all the classes… something I never did at 24 hour for some reason. But in this gym, the appeal to try these classes […]...continue reading →

Blame it on The Rain

Yup… Milli Vanilli were right! I’m just going to blame it on the rain! I finally gave in and got myself an ultra-expensive, ridiculously overpriced gym membership. Our eliptical machine broke last week and due to the NEVER ENDING SHITTY SHITTY RAIN, I am unable to get outside much to go for walks/jogs/etc. Sooo in order to actually exercise regularly- I […]...continue reading →

Don’t Bother with Resolutions!

Especially when it’s the same old “I’m going to work out more, get healthier…blah blah blah” The gym was super crowded today. I couldnt find one open machine. No treadmills, no elipticals of any sort. All because a bunch of lazy slackers decided that this year was going to be the year that they FINALLY lose those extra 10-20 pounds. NewsFlash!!! […]...continue reading →

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