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Australia Post Sucks- part 2

If you don’t already know my hatred for the slumbag contractors that work for the Australian Post… read here. Here is my update to that post. Andrew and I are not the type of people that sit back and complain about the Post time and time again without acting on our anger. We like to call and complain and we do […]...continue reading →

Theyyyy’re Baaaack

The 3am wake up calls have returned. It’s been awhile since we experienced one of these- but my poor immune system the last few days?has caused me to toss and turn all night so last night I had the fortunate opportunity of being awake during the little occurrence. You know… maybe I should give my immune system some credit.?This noise just […]...continue reading →

Blast to my Past

Friday night Andrew and I did something I haven’t done in a REALLY long time. We went and saw a local band play at a small little local band-type venue.  All of the shows I’ve been to in the last few years have primarily been big name, big cost events so it felt like I was walking back in time a […]...continue reading →

More Incompetence

I really feel that I deal with incompetence on a daily basis. I don’t understand why some people are just SO hard to deal with. My latest occurrence came about as I was trying to get quotes to have some sports shirts printed for a friend. I called a lady on the phone yesterday and told her that I need a […]...continue reading →

Winning my Business

Whatever happened to the days of bargaining, the days of businesses trying to win your business? I feel like people these days just don’t care- which is surprising since so many businesses in the US are struggling right now. Here’s what I’m talking about… I’ve been calling and emailing around for quotes for transportation for our wedding. We need a bus […]...continue reading →

Dear Neighbors, Part 3

Dear new neighbors, Andrew told me about you two while I was away. First to you Mr. Man neighbor- Andrew mentioned that everyone in the apartment could hear you beating your girlfriend. Evidently people heard the thuds and your poor girl was screaming and crying. Neighbors were yelling at you through the windows telling you they could hear you beating her […]...continue reading →

Wedding Nightmares

Am I the only bride-to-be that has recurring nightmares about our wedding? If there is anything that could ever go wrong with a wedding, I’ve dreamt about it. Here is a list of just some of the nightmares I’ve had (at least all the ones I can remember). My hair and makeup is not done when it’s time to walk down […]...continue reading →

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