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Missing Australia

I’m definitely happy to be home, and I’m loving spending time with my friends and family- but there a a few things I am missing. 1. Andrew. Feels like I haven’t seen him in forever and it’s only been 5 days! I still have almost 2 weeks before I see him again. 2. TV that doesn’t include the Tru TV station. […]...continue reading →

A Lesson in Geography

Ok I know I’m not blogging, but I’m too busy visiting family and friends but I thought I’d post about an interesting experience I had yesterday with a woman who is clearly an idiot. I was at the nail shop getting a pedicure. I was chatting to the lady (well attempting to, her Vietnamese accent was pretty strong) and I mentioned […]...continue reading →

Dear Neighbors, Part 2

Dear Neighbors, No… not you two… I’m talking to the ones upstairs who speak in some language I cannot decipher. I am really getting sick of your late night chats on the balcony. Seriously, I don’t hear you at all during the day or evening but for some reason you must go on to your balcony EVERY single night after 11:00 […]...continue reading →

Is it Weird?

Today I ventured out of the apartment for a few hours to meet up with some fellow ex-pats. Is it weird that I’ve never met these people in person (until today), never have even talked to them at all (until today) and yet I still know so much about them? No talking on the phone, no emailing, no texting… yet I […]...continue reading →

Dear Neighbors

Dear Neighbors, Yes, I’m talking to the two of you who like to have loud, raunchy sex at night. I realize that your identities still remain a mystery- yet I still feel compelled to write to you. I am very happy for you, I truly am. It sounds like you have a happy and active sex life. Congrats. I do appreciate […]...continue reading →

Now I’ve Seen it All

A musical based on the Jerry springer show. Coming to the Opera House. I can’t decide if this is repulsive, or if I actually might want to see it. I have no more words to describe my thoughts at the moment....continue reading →

Sex in the City

By titling this post Sex in the City, I am simply referring to the fact that some people just should?NOT have sex in the city… or ANYWHERE for that matter! I was standing by the bus stop in the city while waiting to meet Natasha and Tracy and I glanced over and saw a REALLY REALLY skinny young pregnant woman. At […]...continue reading →

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