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Yes, Today I’m a Grinch

Be prepared- I’m about to bitch and moan. First of all… WHY are people such IDIOTS?? I have so many examples, but I’ll just provide one for the day. I was driving in the parking structure at South Coast Plaza. Me and one other car were driving behind the lady in this example. I’ll just call her Ms. Moron. So Ms. Moron […]...continue reading →

Again?? Really??

Long but funny. Many of you know the story of my creepy neighbor that hits on me at the gym. Well, for those of you who don’t- I have this creepy neighbor, probably mid 30s who hits on me at the gym. HAHA, ok so… today- it happened again. The thing about my neighbor is that he doesn’t even know he’s my […]...continue reading →

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