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An Aussie Boy and an American Girl

Here we are. An American and an Aussie… all good and married. Our wedding was simply amazing. It was small enough to feel intimate while being large enough to feel like we weren’t missing most of our friends and family. The location was absolutely breathtaking. I really worried about having our wedding at the residence of family friends but it worked […]...continue reading →

Wedding Pre-Party

When I traveled to Amanda and Stephen’s wedding back in February, they hosted a little pre-wedding get-together before the actual big day. After attending the little shindig, I decided it would be a great thing to do for our wedding. Seeing as how 95% of Andrew’s clan had never met ANY of my clan, we thought it would be appropriate to […]...continue reading →

Bachelorette Memories

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect way to celebrate my last “single” weekend than the way it was spent. One week before I said “I do”, myself and 9 other girls boarded the Carnival Paradise and set sail on what would be one of the best weekends of my life. First of all, I was completely thrilled that there were […]...continue reading →

I’m Back… and I’m Married!

YAY! I am SO happy to inform you all that I am a married woman. I know my month long hiatus from blogging probably means no one will still be around to read this but now that I’m back to reality I plan to be blogging more. In the coming days/weeks I’ll be posting all about the bachelorette party, wedding pre-party […]...continue reading →

My Beautiful Shower

I have some of the most amazing friends! Last weekend I was truly spoiled at my bridal shower. They did such an amazing job on the design… seriously- why can’t Jen and I go into a party planning business together? A few months ago I didn’t even want a shower. I was in a funk because I wasn’t going to be […]...continue reading →

Busy Busy

I know I’m a terrible blogger. I guess that’s what happens when life gets in the way. I could be writing about all the wedding stuff I’m doing at the moment, but time spent here means less time actually doing the wedding related tasks I so desperately need to do. So instead of daily blogging, you’ll just have to settle for […]...continue reading →

Trips and Lists and Updates

I’ve finished off a few more of my 101 goals which is great because I’ve just reached the point where I only have 6 months left. #19: Make a “Things we want to do/buy together” list with Andrew. We finished this a few weeks ago, but this will obviously be an ongoing work in progress. I won’t type out EVERYTHING we […]...continue reading →

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