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I’m Back… and I’m Married!

YAY! I am SO happy to inform you all that I am a married woman. I know my month long hiatus from blogging probably means no one will still be around to read this but now that I’m back to reality I plan to be blogging more. In the coming days/weeks I’ll be posting all about the bachelorette party, wedding pre-party […]...continue reading →

Trips and Lists and Updates

I’ve finished off a few more of my 101 goals which is great because I’ve just reached the point where I only have 6 months left. #19: Make a “Things we want to do/buy together” list with Andrew. We finished this a few weeks ago, but this will obviously be an ongoing work in progress. I won’t type out EVERYTHING we […]...continue reading →

Silver Linings- May 6th 2010

With all the incompetent, inept people we’ve had to deal with lately, I feel like I need to write one of these posts. Seriously, every day this week I feel like I’ve had to talk to another moron or chase up ANOTHER email response or follow-up with people *cough accountants cough* who just cannot seem to get back to me when […]...continue reading →

Now What?

I’m really sad Africa week is over. It means that now I have to actually find other things to blog about. Africa gave me so much to write about and I had so many pictures to share as well. Such a shame that it is all over now. I could find more to write about- but I think all the main […]...continue reading →

Silver Linings – March 10, 2010

So as promised, I want to post a few good things for the day even though I don’t have anything REALLY interesting to write about. 1. I went to lunch with a friend and we had a nice talk 2. Andrew and I went to dinner at Fat Monk with Tess, Kris and Yorky. We enjoyed good food, good conversation and good […]...continue reading →

Silver Linings – March 9, 2010

I’ve been in a funk lately. I think if you’ve read my posts (or noticed the lack thereof), that fact is pretty clear. I have many reasons for the funk, but most of those reasons will not be going away any time soon so maybe it’s time for me to suck it up and just accept all the annoyances and frustrations […]...continue reading →

So Boring I Don’t Even Have a Good Title

How can one feel so overwhelmed, yet so bored at the same time? I have so much going on in my brain, yet nothing to write about. No cool stories to share, no interesting experiences. None, zip, nada. I’m really going to struggle to pull ANYTHING out of my hat to try to keep my few readers around… but I suppose […]...continue reading →

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