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1 Year Left

I have until the end of this year to finish my 101 goals.  I know for a fact I won’t accomplish them all but I’m not too worried. The fact that I will complete A LOT of my goals by 12/31/10 is still an achievement to me!  Here’s a little update of a few more things I have finished in the […]...continue reading →

I Live Here

I don’t know about you but I love vacationing in tropical places with beautiful crystal clear water. When planning a trip I scope out pictures of the beaches to try to find the spot that looks the best. I’ve been to places like Cancun, Costa Rica, Maui and Fiji and the gorgeous clear oceans always make me so happy. So imagine […]...continue reading →

A Few Updates

My life has suddenly become so exciting, and yet so boring at the same time. Exciting because I have all this wedding stuff swimming around in my brain and it’s exciting to plan and organize and browse websites looking for ideas. It’s boring, because other than that- I fee like I have hardly anything else to discuss!! So… I’ll just give […]...continue reading →

A Taste of India

Andrew and I joined a few of his friends on Friday night at an Indian restaurant in Crows Nest called Cumin. I was very skeptical to try this place since most of my experiences with Indian food had been quite bad. I’d go as far as saying that before I came to this place, I just flat out did not like […]...continue reading →

1 Year of 101

So this is the 1 year mark of the start of my 101 in 1001 days goal list. If you don’t know what I’m talking about… Read MY LIST. So seeing as how one year has passed, I thought I’d give a little update on where I am with my list and where I’m going. Some of my goals have been […]...continue reading →

The Anti-Bucket List

So I’m stealing this idea from Jill, who evidently stole it from someone else who stole it from someone else… but I thought it was pretty funny considering I have created a 101 goal list. So now I’ll create a list of things I could care less if I ever do! Not saying I NEVER would do this stuff… just that […]...continue reading →

Applying for Residency

**See update at bottom of post** I’m applying for Australian temporary residency today! Woohoo. Temporary residency means I can stay here for 2 years, work and get medicare. Then after 2 years is up, they reassess my case, make sure Andrew and I are still in a relationship and then hopefully I’ll be here legally for good. I’ve spent the last […]...continue reading →

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