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Please Vote

My brother-in-law Paul entered a contest to be the Australian voice for TomTom. It literally takes 3 seconds to vote and the best part is, they don’t require that you sign up or regsiter for anything. So, you don’t need to worry about spam!! CLICK TO VOTE You can vote once a day and he needs all the help he can […]...continue reading →

Karma… and Putting out Fires

Sometimes I think karma is a bunch of bullshit. Today I went for a nice long walk/jog… 7.4km or 4.6 miles to be precise. I was feeling good. It was sunny (maybe a little too hot) but great in the shade near the water. Whenever I go for these long walks and I get to the farthest point, I always regret […]...continue reading →

Making the World a Better Place

I’m going to start doing something nice for the world. I am going to start volunteering! By volunteering, I really just mean doing some work at a yoga studio a few times a week in exchange for free yoga classes. So I guess it’s not REALLY volunteering per se but hey, I’m not getting paid. To me- that’s volunteering. I may […]...continue reading →

Doing My Part

It’s November and that means a few things:   1. It is Pancreatic cancer awareness month 2. It is the month of my brother-in-law, Brett’s birthday. 3. Ironically, Brett’s birthday 2 years ago was also the day he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which ultimately took his life 6 months later. So, in his memory (and so many others who have […]...continue reading →

I Voted… I think

#31- Research presidential candidates and policies #32- Vote in the?2008 election Done and done. Ok… so I probably didn’t do AS much reseach as I should have, but I did watch 3 debates which is exactly 3 more debates than I have watched ever in any previous election, so for me- that’s research! I did do SOME reading on the CNN […]...continue reading →

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On June 9th, 2007 my brother-in-law Brett lost his life to Pancreatic cancer. It has been one year since that night. It’s amazing how quickly time passes us by. Just remember to say I love you to everyone who means anything to you. You never know what tomorrow may bring. I’m happy to report though that my sister is doing well, […]...continue reading →

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