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Work Life Balance

Today I went to an interesting talk by Nigel Marsh all about work/life balance. What a great speaker! One of the first things he told us is how the “work/life balance” phrase is flawed. “Work/life balance” implies that there should be an even balance between work and personal life- but that’s just not realistic. Not only that, different people need different things to […]...continue reading →

It isn’t really the end…

I’ve decided to make a bold statement. I’ve decided my D Diet is complete. I know I said there was no official end to it (I still believe that) and while I didn’t get around to testing every.single.food.item.individually,  I have eliminated and re-introduced all of the main food groups that I wanted to test and I feel like I got most of […]...continue reading →

80 Days

Recently I wrote about how I’ve been struggling to stay on track with this diet. Not because I give into cravings, but because initially it was affecting my sanity. I didn’t know if it was really worth it to keep going. Well, I decided to stick to it and now I am officially 80 days into this diet. I don’t really […]...continue reading →

Stranger Things Have Happened

Some interesting things happened this week and since I have nothing better to write about, I thought I’d share these oddities with you all. 1. I know 7 people who have had babies in the last 10 days. SEVEN! In fact I’m pretty sure that number is actually 8 but I’m just forgetting someone. Sounds like there was a lot of […]...continue reading →

Still Going… Sort Of

Yes I am sort of still doing the D Diet… I say sort of because I tend to be taking every weekend off and then it takes me 3 days to feel better to where I can start monitoring the diet again and then 2 days after that I’m back to the weekend. So really, while I’m still eating quinoa, buckwheat […]...continue reading →

Costochon what?

Costochondritis. A mouthful of a word and a pain in the ass… or should I say chest? You see about 4 weeks ago, after some intese days of pilates I started to get a pain in my chest on the right side. I thought I had strained a muscle from all the ab work I was doing. So what did I […]...continue reading →

Silver Linings – August 8 2012

I was just writing in my diet journal and realised that tomorrow will be day 40 of D Diet. If I were Catholic that would be a whole lent period of giving up a freaking lot of things. Technically though the only thing I gave up COMPLETELY for 40 days is soda since I did cheat with other goodness like cheese, […]...continue reading →

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