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Up and Down… Happy and Sad…

First I decorated our tree… our HALF tree that we accidentally bought. Yes, it is half of a tree. It is pushed up right next to the window. We were really angry at first that we spent a lot of money on half of a tree, but then we realized it fits much better in the apartment anyways, so it was […]...continue reading →

Old and Tattered

My BFF Jen LOVES to blog about all the things that make her feel old… and until now, I haven’t really cared to join her. Sure I’ve had a comment here or there about being in my late 20s and feeling old and all… but this week it has REALLY hit me. I’m really starting to realize that 28 IS old. […]...continue reading →

Bouquet Toss Nightmare

So last night started off great! We were at the wedding of Bec and Olly, it was beautiful, the wine was flowing, the food was delcious.? Everyone was having a blast, until the time came to catch the bouquet. I kicked my heels off, you know, to prevent any injuries!! Kimbo and I had a strategy- we were going to pretend […]...continue reading →

I Don’t Get Sick

Until today… I can’t remember the last time I got sick. Typically, if I start to feel under the weather I start downing my Wellness Formula vitamins that I SWEAR by and the little?sick bugs?never fully take over my body. Literally, if I start to feel a?BIT off, I take the pills and by the next day I feel totally better. […]...continue reading →

96 Hours

Do you know what hasn’t happened in 96 hours? Food has not passed my lips in 96 hours. Yes that’s right, I haven’t eaten in 96 hours! I’m on day 4 of the Master Cleanse. While it’s not easy at all, it’s also not AS hard as I thought it would be. I’m never hungry physically- although I definitely WISH I […]...continue reading →

Master Cleanse

So for some weird reason, I decided to do this cleanse. New year… clean out my body… blah blah. I’ve known people who have done it and they feel GREAT after. I am looking forward to that great feeling because I’m sure the process itself will be miserable.?But seriously, it’s 10 days of my life,? I can do it, right???I always […]...continue reading →

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