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It’s Been Too Long

So a long time ago, Jen created a blog called “Love/Don’t Love.” So, some of us have followed suit with our own editions of that particular theme at various times in our nerdy blogging pasts. For some of my historical posts… see here: 1. All Grown Up 2. Loves/Don’t Loves for the Week 3. About That Time 4. Yes I’m Copying Jen […]...continue reading →

All Grown Up

So finally at the ever-so-young age of 27, I have moved into my very first apartment. Ok you can all laugh. I know plenty of people do this?8-9 years before I made my?first move- but I was just waiting for the right time 🙂 Andrew and I moved in to our apartment in Mosman on Sunday. We’re about 15 minutes outside […]...continue reading →

About That Time

For another session of things I love/don’t love 1. I love my cool new see through blue citibank ATM card. Yes, I’m serious… I really am happy that it looks so pretty. 2. I don’t love that I have 2 bank accounts. I like to be organized so I can’t wait to just make the big transfer so that everything can […]...continue reading →

Yes I’m Copying Jen

Here is my version of my loves and (don’t) loves… along with some other thoughts of the week. 1. I love Easter candy, specifically pastel candy corn 2. I love my boyfriend 3. I don’t love my week-long headache from hell. Yes, it literally has lasted a week off and on… mostly on. The other day it was like I had […]...continue reading →

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