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Theyyyy’re Baaaack

The 3am wake up calls have returned. It’s been awhile since we experienced one of these- but my poor immune system the last few days?has caused me to toss and turn all night so last night I had the fortunate opportunity of being awake during the little occurrence. You know… maybe I should give my immune system some credit.?This noise just […]...continue reading →

Dear Neighbors, Part 3

Dear new neighbors, Andrew told me about you two while I was away. First to you Mr. Man neighbor- Andrew mentioned that everyone in the apartment could hear you beating your girlfriend. Evidently people heard the thuds and your poor girl was screaming and crying. Neighbors were yelling at you through the windows telling you they could hear you beating her […]...continue reading →

Wicked Witch of the Building

Ok so I promised a story about the neighbor whorebag. Well here it is… Andrew and I have lived here 2 years. In the 2 years, we’ve never ever had a late night noise complaint. I do specify late night because there was one time when we first moved in that I was on an elliptical machine that was making a […]...continue reading →

Dear Neighbors, Part 2

Dear Neighbors, No… not you two… I’m talking to the ones upstairs who speak in some language I cannot decipher. I am really getting sick of your late night chats on the balcony. Seriously, I don’t hear you at all during the day or evening but for some reason you must go on to your balcony EVERY single night after 11:00 […]...continue reading →

Dear Neighbors

Dear Neighbors, Yes, I’m talking to the two of you who like to have loud, raunchy sex at night. I realize that your identities still remain a mystery- yet I still feel compelled to write to you. I am very happy for you, I truly am. It sounds like you have a happy and active sex life. Congrats. I do appreciate […]...continue reading →

Again?? Really??

Long but funny. Many of you know the story of my creepy neighbor that hits on me at the gym. Well, for those of you who don’t- I have this creepy neighbor, probably mid 30s who hits on me at the gym. HAHA, ok so… today- it happened again. The thing about my neighbor is that he doesn’t even know he’s my […]...continue reading →

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