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Perks and Pitfalls of Being Married to a Pilot

Tonight I came home from work tired, stressed and dreading another day in the office. Work has just been insane lately and while much of it is enjoyable and even somewhat exciting, there are definitely elements that are draining and frustrating as well. Today I’m having one of those “is it Friday yet?” days! But my husband has had it even […]...continue reading →

Airline paint job

Airplanes for Dummies

In case you need some explanation… ?...continue reading →

The Long Journey Across the Pacific: Part 1

I’ll start from the beginning… It was a sunny Sydney Friday around 1:15pm and I had just arrived at the airport to check in for my flight to LA. I immediately received a business boarding pass which was awesome considering I was on standby. The plane was loaded in a timely manner but then we waited at the gate for some […]...continue reading →

My Year in Review

2008 was a good year… full of ups and downs, but luckily more ups than downs I would say. Let’s look back on my 2008… January** I rung in the new year with my sisters in Laguna ** I did the God awful Master Cleanse detox diet ** February ** Andrew and I spent Valentines day on our couch, with a […]...continue reading →

7 Wonders of My World- this week

While some of these are obvious facts of life, they never cease to amaze me. Here’s a list of 7 wonders of my world from the last week. 1. Flowers. How does something so beautiful and fragrant turn into something that smells like a dead rotting carcass after only a week. I had some flowers in a vase and they weren’t […]...continue reading →

A Work in Progress

So my geeky forum is still a work in progress… BUT… it’s up and running! Woohoo. I still have a lot to learn and things to modify but I figure I may as well put it out there so people can start checking it out! Like I said before, 99.999% of you will have no interest in this forum whatsoever- BUT, […]...continue reading →

A New Project

I’ve started a new project. I’ve migrated into uber geekdom by starting my own nerdy online forum. I’ve been inspired by my other geeky?Americans in Australia forum so?I decided I’d create my own place to waste time online!?It’s still a work in progress, but it’s coming along. Unfortunately I’d say 100% of my readers (all 10 of you) will really have […]...continue reading →

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