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Washington DC. Check.

When we were planning our holiday several months back we knew we would spend a majority of time in the US but we didn’t want to just stay in California. So, we booked a little jaunt over to NY and DC to mix it up. We spent 2 full days in DC and let me tell you, that was enough. Andrew […]...continue reading →

101 Countdown

Only a few more days until my 101 in 1001 comes to a close. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 1001 days since I first created the list. While I may not have achieved them all, there are definitely many that I am really proud of. To wrap up a few of the remaining items, I’m posting my 101 Christmas edition. […]...continue reading →

Cafe Pacifico

Since before I even moved to Australia, I’ve been hearing about Cafe Pacifico. For some reason I had never been there the entire 3 years I’ve lived in Sydney. That all changed on Wednesday when I headed there after work with all of my colleagues. I was very excited to discover that this place is only a 5 minute walk from […]...continue reading →

Mad Pizza

Since I started working in Darlinghurst I’ve had the chance to try a few new restaurants; therefore, I shall blog. 🙂 Mad Pizza I went here with some girl friends last week after work. I can happily say “I’d go back” because I actually already did. A few days ago some colleagues were heading there for lunch and I tagged along. […]...continue reading →

Two New Sydney Restaurant Reviews

For your reading (and perhaps dining) pleasure, I present you with two new restaurant reviews. 1. Ripples, Chowder Bay We headed to Ripples a few weeks back to celebrate the birthday of our good friend Ben. I had a great night and really enjoyed the food. Here are my thoughts on the place. Decor/Setting: 8: I just love the area! It’s […]...continue reading →

Eno Pizzeria

If you weren’t already aware, Neutral Bay has been opening up lots of new snazzy, delicious restaurants lately. First it was Firefly awhile back and lately on Grosvenor Street, more and more cool new spots have been appearing. Last night we tried one of these new places. It’s called Eno Pizzeria. It’s only been open five or six weeks and it […]...continue reading →

Burnt Orange

Andrew and I ventured out on Monday morning to enjoy “morning tea.” There is a newish restaurant down at Middle Head called Burnt Orange. Evidently it’s been open since September but we only just discovered it. Middle Head is one of Andrew’s favorite places to hang out when he goes for bike rides and it just so happens it is also […]...continue reading →

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