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Italian Kick

I feel like I’ve been eating so much Italian lately. All my new restaurant reviews in recent weeks have been at Italian places. Last night I made homemade pizzas and this week I will be making homemade stuffed cannelloni. Yes, I’m on an Italian kick.  So here are two more restaurant reviews, Italian style. Caesar’s Pizza Palace- Lane Cove Andrew and […]...continue reading →

Peter Pan’s Italian

I’ll get straight to the point… here’s my review of Peter Pan’s in Crows Nest. Just another new (to me) restaurant that we tried last night with our good friends Helen and Hamish. Decor:2- The tables were fine, but the decor was pretty plain. White walls, sports posters mixed with small art prints. Pretty hideous actually. It was clean though, I’ll […]...continue reading →

Fourth Village Providore

Last week I made it out to a new (to me) restaurant with my friend Katie. FourthVillage Providore is a restaurant/market in Mosman across from Fitness First. I used to love going to the market there to buy all my veggies for dinner after working out at the gym. They have loads of wonderful fresh produce and a wall full of homemade jams, […]...continue reading →

Fat Monk

We tried a new restaurant this week. It was so good that we had it again, 2 days later. Fat Monk is a Thai/Asian restaurant in Cremorne. We decided to try it out on Monday with our friends Mike and Hayley and tonight when our other friends felt like Asian food, we suggested that we go back there. I’ll get straight […]...continue reading →

Al Mustafa

Yet another delish restaurant to review! YAY The other night Andrew and I were meeting a couple of his friends for dinner in Glebe. They said they didn’t want Mexican (Baja Cantina) and asked if we had any other ideas. I quickly suggested Al Mustafa. I had been there once before, but never did a review back then. Even though the […]...continue reading →

High Class and Low Class Bars

Saturday night Andrew, Kris, Tess and I enjoyed a few hours in a cool wine bar near our house- Firefly. I had been wanting to go there for dinner for awhile and we finally made it! So here is a quick little review in case any of you are interested: The wine was good (also pretty expensive… but I guess it […]...continue reading →

Missing Australia

I’m definitely happy to be home, and I’m loving spending time with my friends and family- but there a a few things I am missing. 1. Andrew. Feels like I haven’t seen him in forever and it’s only been 5 days! I still have almost 2 weeks before I see him again. 2. TV that doesn’t include the Tru TV station. […]...continue reading →

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