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A Taste of India

Andrew and I joined a few of his friends on Friday night at an Indian restaurant in Crows Nest called Cumin. I was very skeptical to try this place since most of my experiences with Indian food had been quite bad. I’d go as far as saying that before I came to this place, I just flat out did not like […]...continue reading →

Baja Cantina

Mexican food is certainly hard to come by in Australia. Wait… I take that back. GOOD Mexican is hard to come by. We’ve tried many places and some have been decent. Luckily we’ve stayed away from all the really bad ones thanks to reviews by other American Expats warning us of the crap quality. So it was a very pleasant surprise […]...continue reading →

Radio Cairo

I have visited a few new restaurants in the last few weeks and have failed to provide reviews 🙁 Bad, bad Elsja. So I thought I’d go ahead and write about one that we went to about a month or so ago. Radio Cairo is a cool little African restaurant near our house in Cremorne. I have to admit, I was […]...continue reading →

American Food Makes me Happy

Almost exactly one year ago, I was looking forward to going home to visit family and friends and I was also looking forward to trying this place out –The Counter. I even wrote about my excitement in this post. So we did go once while I was there… and it was good. I wouldn’t say it was the best place I […]...continue reading →


Another restaurant review… of course only the people in Australia can REALLY appreciate this- especially all my American expat friends. Andrew and I headed to a somewhat new restaurant tonight called “South.” It’s a southern American style restaurant right in my neighborhood (Neutral Bay to be precise)! No- not South American… Southern American- like ribs, crawfish and cole slaw type stuff! […]...continue reading →

Cru 54… A Restaurant Review

Two blogs in one day?  I know…what is this world coming to?  Well, my list below was just too long so I didn’t want to include this post at the end of it all. It deserves it’s own special space so I’m writing my second blog post for the day.   On Wednesday, Andrew and I met up with his friend […]...continue reading →

Mantra- An Indian Exploration

So my first of 20 new restaurant reviews starts with a place down the street called Mantra. I’ve only tried a few bites of Indian food before, and I was a bit scared, but I wanted to try something new. Andrew and I had a paper menu from this place and it got great reviews on eatability. It actually had a […]...continue reading →

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