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Africa Week- Sand Dunes, Part 1

Did I mention that I hate hills? Oh yes, I did in THESE POSTS last week. Well, as if I hadn’t had enough climbing for one trip, Namibia brought us a whole new level of hills… Sand dunes. Let me point out that sand dunes are NOT easy to walk up. For every step you take, you slide back half of […]...continue reading →


From the Bureau of Meteorology: TSUNAMI WARNING NUMBER 3 FOR PARTS OF NEW SOUTH WALES Issued by the Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre [JATWC] at 09:25 PM EST on Wednesday 15 July 2009 ******************************************************************************** TSUNAMI THREAT TO THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT ******************************************************************************** SUMMARY: Tsunami warning for the marine environment for parts of NEW SOUTH WALES. Threatened areas extend from Gabo Island to […]...continue reading →

Something New to Fear

I’ve never feared rain… well, other than the times when I just straighten my hair and I don’t want it to turn into a giant fro ball! No, the rain has never REALLY bothered me. Thunder storms were pretty cool too. Not anymore. I was working in my bedroom this evening with the curtains open. It started raining around 3:45pm as […]...continue reading →

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