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A Few of My Favorite Things

My best friends and I have a series of emails that we like to send around from time to time called “Things I Can’t Live Without.” When one of us finds something really awesome, we send around emails detailing our fabulous finds. Sometimes they include make-up products, sometimes we send our favorite food items, etc. In the spirit of Christmas, I […]...continue reading →

Tips for American Visitors

I’m writing this post mainly for my friend Amanda who will be visiting in a few weeks (yay) but I figured some others might get some benefit from it as well. I’ve compiled a list of tips and helpful things to know for your first visit to Australia. 1. “Hotels” are not usually real hotels. They are bars or pubs. So […]...continue reading →

Love / Don’t Love – Down Under

I actually got my first ever (and possibly only) blog request! I’ve been asked to post about the top 10 things I love and don’t love about Australia, so… here it goes. I don’t know if I can come up with 10 each at the moment- so I’m just going to post about as much that comes to mind as possible. […]...continue reading →

Week in Revew

We’ve had a great first week with my parents! We’ve managed to stay pretty busy with just a few days of relaxation here and there which is always good. After a day at Darling Harbour and Wildlife World we relaxed a bit and then got geared up for the Bridge Climb. This was a surprise for my dad and it turned […]...continue reading →

Parents Down Under

So they made it 🙂 They did miss their connecting flight to Sydney since their flight into Brisbane was late- but luckily it only put them back an hour. The first day they got here we just all settled in and talked and I took my mom to the grocery store so she could experience the miserable shopping trolleys for herself. […]...continue reading →

A Few More Hours

Until my parents get here!! They arrive tomorrow morning around 11:45am (that’s 4:45pm for you in California). Captain Hancock… hehe… is picking them up from the airport since he’ll be there already finishing work. Convenient, right? Since they connect in Brisbaine, they will have already gone through customs and all that cruddy stuff, AND since you can still go to the […]...continue reading →

Goon of Fortune

How to play Goon of Fortune 1. Hang “goon” (a.k.a. cask bag of wine taken out of the box) with pegs (a.k.a. clothespins) from a Hills Hoist (a.k.a. washing line) 2. Spin the Hills Hoist 3. If it lands on you… you drink Simple. What?? Isn’t that how everyone spends their Monday mornings at 1:30am??...continue reading →

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