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Expat life- the little things

Every time I come home from a trip back to California, I am a little sad. Sometimes it lasts a few days, sometimes a week and on the rare occasion- it can last even longer. I call this the post trip blues. You would think it would get a bit easier over the years when you have to say goodbye but […]...continue reading →

The Best Christmas Surprise

What do you do when you and the husband unexpectedly both have  time off around Christmas? You cancel all your Christmas plans and book a last minute ticket to surprise the family back in the states. Well, at least that’s what we did this year. The best part? The laughs, smiles, screams and tears from all the family and friends we […]...continue reading →

I Love New York

Ahh New York… I do think you are one of my favourite places. The final chapter of our four week November holiday included 6 days in New York and what can I say, I fell in love with it all over again. This was my 4th visit to the Big Apple and it was every bit as enjoyable as all my […]...continue reading →

Washington DC. Check.

When we were planning our holiday several months back we knew we would spend a majority of time in the US but we didn’t want to just stay in California. So, we booked a little jaunt over to NY and DC to mix it up. We spent 2 full days in DC and let me tell you, that was enough. Andrew […]...continue reading →

Help the the expats out

Did you know that the US is one of only two countries in the entire world that forces its expat citizens to continuously file taxes even though they no longer reside in the country? Did you know that if I have a child who becomes a citizen of the US, he or she will have to file taxes every year until […]...continue reading →

A Californian Thanksgiving

Hong Kong was great but after a long 8 hour flight, a 6 hour layover in Sydney and then another 14 hour flight, we finally made it to California for the first of two weeks that we would spend there. This was the first time in over 2 years that Andrew had been back to California as well so I was […]...continue reading →

What have I been up to?

So what exactly have I been doing since I last posted in April of 2011? Let’s catch up shall we? Although I really liked my job at the social media marketing agency, I was spending a lot of time working on web development projects and I knew that’s not where I wanted my career to take me. An opportunity came knocking […]...continue reading →

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