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Busy Busy

I know I’m a terrible blogger. I guess that’s what happens when life gets in the way. I could be writing about all the wedding stuff I’m doing at the moment, but time spent here means less time actually doing the wedding related tasks I so desperately need to do. So instead of daily blogging, you’ll just have to settle for […]...continue reading →

Sick In Sydney

Back in Sydney, feeling miserable. My trip to the US was great. I got SO much accomplished for the wedding and now there’s not much more I can do until August. That’s exciting and sad at the same time. The lower stress levels are beneficial, but the fun of planning will be missed. I suppose there are still a few things […]...continue reading →


Dear Jet Lag, I hate you. I really do. You make me so tired. You cause me to sleep through my alarm for over 10 minutes. TEN!! While this may not seem a lot to some people, let it be known that in an entire year, my alarm only goes off probably 10 times total! I always wake up before my […]...continue reading →


WTF is up with the DMV? I know it’s always been a hell hole but I haven’t been there in probably 8 years and I swear it got worse. I arrived at 8:20am and there were literally probably 150 people already waiting. I drove through the parking lot once and then decided to park in some distant neighborhood. The lot was […]...continue reading →

The Long Journey… Part 3

So I get to the airport and go straight to the line to check in. As luck would have it, the baggage belts were broken so once I got my boarding pass I actually had to hang around for about 15 minutes with my bags until the belts started working. I then waited at the gate and was seated next to […]...continue reading →

The Long Journey Across the Pacific: Part 1

I’ll start from the beginning… It was a sunny Sydney Friday around 1:15pm and I had just arrived at the airport to check in for my flight to LA. I immediately received a business boarding pass which was awesome considering I was on standby. The plane was loaded in a timely manner but then we waited at the gate for some […]...continue reading →


Time Travel

I completely skipped the 4th of July this year. I left LA on the 3rd and didn’t arrive in Sydney until July 5th. The 4th just did not exist for me. Do you want to know how I missed the 4th? Apart from crossing the International Dateline over the pacific, I think it also had something to do with the fact […]...continue reading →

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