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Church and State

So back home in the good ol’ US of A they have this little thing called Separation of Church and State. While I see the point of it (different people are from different religious backgrounds, so it is only fair) I also think it is sad when people take it too far and start crying and flipping out about every little […]...continue reading →

I’m Back

I’m too lazy to blog right now, but I wanted to let everyone know that I made it back safely to Sydney. So, instead of re-writing everything, here’s an edited letter I sent out to my friends and family earlier today… I just wanted to let you all know that I am back in Sydney. After a grueling 19 hour trip […]...continue reading →

A Good Start to the New Year!

So far, 2008 has been a good year! Other than being a little sick all year…?well, hungover…?it’s been a great one (yes isn’t that funny that I can say “all year” because so far the year?has only been one day). The year started off great at Mosun in Laguna beach. I’ll post some more pictures eventually. A night of sake bombs, […]...continue reading →

Some Things Never Change

So I didn’t really expect anything to change in the 2 1/2 months that I was gone, but a few things have caught my attention over the last few days. Like the Lays Potato Chip bag is different, Quizno’s has new menu items, gas prices went through the roof, my sister painted some of her house?and my dad installed a new […]...continue reading →

Home for the Holidays

Wow, it feels weird to say it- but I’m home for the holidays! After a 13 1/2 hour flight (with no TV) I’m finally home. Even with a broken TV the flight wasn’t too bad. I still am amazed at the fact that those flights never bother me. I always dread them, but I always get off the flight thinking “that was alright!” […]...continue reading →

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