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Work Life Balance

Today I went to an interesting talk by Nigel Marsh all about work/life balance. What a great speaker! One of the first things he told us is how the “work/life balance” phrase is flawed. “Work/life balance” implies that there should be an even balance between work and personal life- but that’s just not realistic. Not only that, different people need different things to […]...continue reading →

Our Wedding

Here is our amazing wedding highlight video created by the super awesome Jonathan Tamayo.It’s 5 minutes of happiness. 🙂 I suggest clicking the little cog once it starts playing and choosing the 720p (HD) version then selecting full screen!!...continue reading →


Shark Diving

More Shark Diving

Excuse the potty mouth. It was a bit scary. 🙂...continue reading →

Sleepwalking Dogs

I FINALLY upgraded to the newest version of wordpress and that means I can FINALLY upload videos again. YAY. Thanks so much to my techy savior Emanuel for helping me get my blog back into the 21st century. So in honor of my ability to post videos again after oh so long, I thought I’d post this one that I found […]...continue reading →

Your One and Only Beaver

These are the kind of commercials we have here in Australia… I see it a few times/week. Do you think this would ever make it in the US? I highly doubt it....continue reading →

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