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I wasn’t expecting that

Recently in one of the American Expat forums that I’m a member of, a friend posted a photo of a product that we all knew and loved back in the US but that hasn’t been available in Australia until just recently. The thread of comments from excited Americans was never ending! Then just days later, we had a new employee start […]...continue reading →

The Perks of Moving to Australia

My sister and her kids visited Australia for the first time this past week. We had 7 people staying in our tiny apartment but it was wonderful to have them here and to have the opportunity to show them around my home and my life. Of course I was devastated to see them go. I basically sat on my couch all […]...continue reading →

Another Fun Week in Sydney

So what else did we do while Amanda and Stephen were here?? Well here’s a little list and a few pictures to fill you all in. I hardly have any good photos from their trip (Amanda took most of them)… but in case you are interested in seeing what I DO have, click? HERE? and? HERE. So now for the list… […]...continue reading →

It’s Raining Americans

Did I mention I have some visitors here? The lovely Amanda and super cool Stephen arrived yesterday morning bright and early. It was really fun going to bed at 4am the night before and then hearing my door buzzer go off at 7:30am. But, as soon as I heard Amanda’s voice on the other side of the intercom I was no […]...continue reading →

April Showers

There’s that old saying “April showers bring May flowers, blah blah.” Well… in Australia, April showers don’t bring flowers. Because May comes right before the start of winter and everyone knows the prettiest flowers typically come in Spring and Summer. ANNNYWAYS… So if April Showers don’t bring May flowers in Australia, what DO they bring? They bring Amanda and Stephen!!! 🙂 […]...continue reading →

Saying Goodbye

I had to say goodbye to my parents today 🙁 I am lucky that they did stay an extra few days (they were originally supposed to leave Friday) but it’s still hard to say goodbye. The place feels so empty without their bags and clothes and stuff. We had such an amazing time with them here! In addition to the stuff […]...continue reading →

Week in Revew

We’ve had a great first week with my parents! We’ve managed to stay pretty busy with just a few days of relaxation here and there which is always good. After a day at Darling Harbour and Wildlife World we relaxed a bit and then got geared up for the Bridge Climb. This was a surprise for my dad and it turned […]...continue reading →

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