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Parents Down Under

So they made it 馃檪 They did miss their connecting flight to Sydney since their flight into Brisbane was late- but luckily it only put them back an hour. The first day they got here we just all settled in and talked and I took my mom to the grocery store so she could experience the miserable shopping trolleys for herself. […]...continue reading →

A Few More Hours

Until my parents get here!! They arrive tomorrow morning around 11:45am (that’s 4:45pm for you in California). Captain Hancock… hehe… is picking them up from the airport since he’ll be there already finishing work. Convenient, right? Since they connect in Brisbaine, they will have already gone through customs and all that cruddy stuff, AND since you can still go to the […]...continue reading →

My World

So it’s officially one month until my parents come!!! It will be nice to have someone from home come here to see the life Andrew and I have set up for ourselves. None of my family or friends have ever seen the apartment I’ve lived in for over a year. People can’t see the street I live on (well, I guess […]...continue reading →

I’m So Happy

Reasons to be happy… 1. FINALLY (after nearly a year) we found a patio table for our balcony. I thought we’d have to settle on something crap, but it’s not even ugly! We can now enjoy dinners by candlelight in the warm Sydney summer. All I need are some twinkle lights and I’ll be totally set. Although, I do think those […]...continue reading →

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