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My Beautiful Shower

I have some of the most amazing friends! Last weekend I was truly spoiled at my bridal shower. They did such an amazing job on the design… seriously- why can’t Jen and I go into a party planning business together? A few months ago I didn’t even want a shower. I was in a funk because I wasn’t going to be […]...continue reading →

Busy Busy

I know I’m a terrible blogger. I guess that’s what happens when life gets in the way. I could be writing about all the wedding stuff I’m doing at the moment, but time spent here means less time actually doing the wedding related tasks I so desperately need to do. So instead of daily blogging, you’ll just have to settle for […]...continue reading →

The Countdown

12 days until I take off for California 19 days until my bridal shower 31 days until my bachelorette cruise to Ensendada 40 days until I marry the best guy ever! Can someone please tell me how on earth I’m supposed to fill my free time after it’s all?finished? What am I supposed to think about when I’m on the exercise […]...continue reading →

The Stress is Setting In

With only 47 days until the wedding, I am starting feel the stress. The weird thing is- it’s not really WEDDING stress, I just have stress and anxiety about about everything else in life. Work, family hardships, taxes (which wouldn’t be a stress if my so-called Aussie accountant actually did something worthwhile over the last 3+ months) my 2nd stage visa […]...continue reading →

Stache on a Stick

Can someone please explain the stache on a stick phenomena? I don’t get it. Props and costumes I get… but why the paper mustaches on sticks? How did this become so popular??I’m mostly confused by the alarming number of wedding stache photos. When I am in my wedding dress looking beautiful, I don’t want to ruin it with a hideous piece […]...continue reading →

Wedding Update

I’ve been busy in the last few weeks! Let’s catch you up on all the things I’ve been doing, shall we? Tonight Andrew and I finalized our vows and reading for the ceremony Centerpiece candles have been purchased Main music choices have been made Wedding liability insurance was purchased First 2 dress fitting appointment are set… yup definitely pushing that close […]...continue reading →

Coolest Proposal Ever

Ok… so Andrew was sweet and romantic when he proposed- but this guy gets props for what I think is the absolute coolest proposal ever!!...continue reading →

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